100 item challenge (MORE INFO!)

I found this flow-chart on reddit. (I love thee). It basically describes exactly what I did for the 100-item challenge back in 2012.

Srsly, guys… I speak as a girl who has hoarder parents. DO THIS!


THINK OF YOUR KIDS! Think of all the crap they are going to have to sort through later!!!
Think of the money/time you could be saving now by not having so much crap!


Not ready to give up EVERYTHING? that’s ok- here is a good guide that is good to follow.


FYI: The last bit- “before you buy something”- is a lot easier when you only have 100 items. Mostly because you mentally go “huh. what item will this replace?”.

Just letting you know :)


(as an aside- there is a service called “everything but the house” that will go through your dead parent’s house, box/sell everything (from the house) and give you a check. No estate sales, no trying to figure out pricing of crap…. it’s just done.) #winning

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