Albania v Serbia (football/soccer match)

About a year ago there was a soccer match between Albania and Serbia.

2 countries that LOATHE each other. And are still fighting over land (Kosovo) to this day… with bombs and stuff!

For all those who think soccer is stupid and boring, you would normally be right… Except! This game was kinda like hockey in the fact that there was A LOT OF BLOODSHED! AND FIGHTING!

I love me some hockey.
I love me some fighting.

This game didn’t disappoint…

One catch: It was the spectators that were doing all the fighting and jeering. Not the players.

Oh yea. And the (SERBIAN) spectators were throwing firecrackers AT the Albanian player’s FACES. (Albanian spectators weren’t allowed in the stadium… “for their own safety”.)

Throughout the game, the spectators were chanting “Kill the Albanins! Slaughter, Murder them!”(etc). They also burned NATO flags/Albanian jerseys, chanted while displaying the Chetnik symbol (Serbian terrorist group that started the whole Bosnia “ethnic cleansing” shit) etc… I mean… ahem…. They are really super classy people.

At about 42min into the game, a drone flew overhead. It was carrying a “Greater Albanian” flag (showing Kosovo as part of Albania).

A serb player pulls it down (maybe to keep the game going?)

An Albanian player grabs it from him and takes off running.

He doesn’t get far before being hit in the head WITH A CHAIR!

Mass chaos breaks out. The Albanians run for their lives back to the locker rooms.

UEFA (like FIFA— but not) decided that Serbia gets the points because “Albania forfeited the game” (by running for their lives).

This ruling was appealed and after watching the footage, Albania was awarded the points.

(here’s the point):

THIS THURSDAY, Oct, 8th, 2015, is the other game. Albania v Serbia…. In Albania this time. 

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