Call Home

I’m standing at debrief listening to our incident commander urging us to call home. “Call your loved ones. They are worried.” Today is day 43 […]

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Ep20. Falling Apart

Stuff always falls apart while traveling. Plans change, health declines. Items disintegrate… Relationships fade… It doesn’t always happen, but it’s usually inevitable, no matter where […]

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Ep14. Worries

Whenever I travel, I always hear heaps of worries/warnings. “YOU COULD GET MUGGED!” “THE WORLD IS DANGEROUS!” “Just stay home, already!” These things aren’t just […]

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Since coming back to The States, I’ve been hiding out. Purposely avoiding a lot of people and crowds of people because I just don’t feel […]

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On my 30th birthday I decided to (attempt) to walk 30-miles around Manhattan and across all the Manhattan bridges. (15 of them). So I started […]

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(repost– from 2009) So I got woken up this morning by a text from Jenn saying “hey! did you try on that dress yet?”…. Great. […]

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