Ep12. Ln and Peter Moore go to Italy! (not together)

I interviewed Peter Moore- travel writer and author of Vroom With A View

along with several other (awesome!) books about his travels.

While interviewing him, I couldn’t help but remember my trip to italy— and why I took it (Ahem. because of Peter!)

This episode- I share my drunken stories of how Suz and I went to Italy and discovered Prosecco, bocce and all kinds of other wonderful things. Peter helps bring sanity and shape to the whole thing. (Because that’s what he’s excellent at!)



  • nola ladwig

    Just enjoyed my read of your book. Oh it is my dream to go to Italy, I saw the book, needed some escape time and read it one Saturday…would still like to go to Italy.
    My name Nola- apparently an old town called Nola in Italy. I went to the launching of the perfume Tuscany many days back in my youth, named my very special cat Tuscany. The movie ‘under Tuscan Skies’ , I had to watch it as so many folk said it reminded them of me.
    Well I still want to go to Italy

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