ep22. Partia E Forte – Political (satire) Party in Kosovo


You’re living in Kosovo.

Your passport is useless because you’re living in a country not fully recognized by the UN.

You’re young! You have ideas! But the government doesn’t want to listen to it.

And because the government won’t listen to you- you don’t vote…

So… what do you do?

If you’re Visar Arifij, you break the system… Change it… From the inside. He started a political party and named himself the Legendary President of Partia E Forte. 


Pictures of Kosovo:


(just incase…..)

We saw a lot of buildings like this…. :(

The Borg-like library. I thought it was effin’ cool.

(The next street is George Bush Blvd)…


I wanted to go to Kosovo for 2 reasons:
1) Interview Visar.
2) get a picture of my head in Bill’s crotch.



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