Ep24. Xmas Quilt

Happy Holidays, guys.

Yea. it’s THAT season. I’m living in Minneapolis and was involved in a holiday-story-reading thing called Xmas Quilt.

Xmas Quilt is a collection of stories and poems and music to, you know, get you into the holiday spirit.

I, of course, recorded the whole thing and assembled a few of my favorite stories here after adding some sound design and music- because…. That’s what I do.

My partner in Crime is named Nyla – which you’ll hear in the first story.

Just as a reminder- this took place in Minneapolis, where they eat ludafisk. If you don’t know what this disgusting crap is. consider yourself lucky. But it’s a traditional food up here.

With that, I give you 15-ish minutes of Christmas Stories.

  • Cuckoo Clock
  • Ludafisk
  • I made a snowball
  • Christmas in the Trenches

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