ep33. Packing – part 2 – Consolidation

This is a mini-series about packing. If you haven’t heard PART 1: yet- go do that!

Here are some lists:

International Packing
First Aid Kit (Uses for Tampons)
Team Rubicon/Wildland Fire packing list
Scuba/Dive packing list
Alaska Camping

Podcast players do this weird thing in queue…

Where your part 1 is AFTER part 2.

So pause… and go back

And listen to “part 1: Don’t over pack!”

Because it’ll just make more sense to you.

This is my brother, Josh….

<TAPE FROM JOSH- I’m the worst person to ask because I’m a terrible packer.

-4 pairs of shoes and 3 flip-flops…..>

What could he have done instead? I’ll tell you!

listen to his sister and follow the list.

I mean, really, Josh……. I love you.

But I have experience in this.

And We’ll be back

With a list

About what to pack

Right after this.




If you ask for advice from those who know:

The answer will usually be right on the nose:

Double the money and half the clothes.

My list, by the way, is in the show notes

Along with pictures of my new fancy coat.

Ok- but really- what is the bare minimum that you need…..

To succeed

In traveling over seas…

What if you’re bored and want to read?

Do you bring a book

or a nook?

What about a guidebook?

What should you leave at home?

And what can you find elsewhere- like in Rome?

Let’s start with reading…

<Victor from Speaking of kindle, how is that?

LN: I love my Kindle.

VT: I love it. Yes.

LN: I’ve had one since 2008. It’s one of those items where I think… “I could read everything on my phone. I’m trying to consolidate and think ‘how much can my phone do?’ but then I lose my phone, I’ll be really $^&%ed.

VT: Yea. It’s always smart to keep everything on the cloud, as far as personal stuff on your phone, because if you lose the phone you can always get it back if you get another phone. But yea- that’s definitely something I would definitely bring now. I used to have a compartment of books- I used to have 3 books- a lonely planet and USA guide books.. And if you’ve ever seen them, they are really heavy! And huge! Amazing big books! I needed them- some kind of reference of where I was going, so that’s what I brought- but with the kindle/e-reader it’s so easy and super light thing that you can take out on the bus and read for days because the battery is so amazing.

LN: there’s actually an app that I use called Triposo. I use this exclusively. I found someone and we exchanged data through a thumb drive- and he gave me all the lonely-planet books on PDF form and I was all ‘THIS IS AMAZING!’- they are a little out of date now, who cares? But I can put those on my kindle and read them. But with Triposo – I really like because it’s like lonely-planet-lite. And it’s on your phone and available off-line and all you need to do is download the countries you’re going to go to, which I did, and then read it while on the bus. I’ve never taken a single book. It’s heavy.

VT: some people have the nostalgic value. I mean, the e-readers come close. They don’t have a cover,

LN: or the smell….

VT: of course… yea….>

The most useful thing in my bag is my iphone.

And before you start to groan-

You know that I’m addicted,

And conflicted

Because it has so many purposes- yet I know

That it’s a device

That has limited battery life

But it’s my wifi, camera, email, communication device,

My journal, credit card and microphone- all compact. Isn’t that nice?


A sarong, or, as I like to say, sa-right,

Can be used as a towel, or a kite,

A head-covering or shawl to block light,

Impromptu skirt for those nights

when you might….

Go out on the town

Jump up, fall down,

Now it’s a tourniquet, yea. Write it down.

Other examples are rubber bands

<LN: bands, you mean rubber bands, right?

YT: yea. Always handy. In any situation- there is always a need. Things falling apart, throw a rubber band on it.

LN: Yea. I use hair-bands. Because they are even more multi-purposed. For hair, but chips, and holding things together.

YT: yea- definitely. I don’t have hair, though. (Laughs)>

This concludes part 2 of the Packing mini series

If you have any queries or theories,

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I guess this is the end.

Next week?  How to defeat homesickness.

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