Question/Answer (part 2)

Because I’m busier than a 1-armed coat-hanger this week…. No time to do a podcast- so this is another Question/answer post for you!

Sarah asked:

What do you get homesick for given that you technically don’t have a fixed address?

  • Friends, family, the Whore.
  • Food things (usually stirred by memories…) Like, drinking durian bubble tea from my favorite place in Seattle while driving over the i-90 bridge (east-in no traffic) in the drizzle.
  • REALLY THICK and SUPER CRISPY streaky bacon (preferably from Original Pancake House).
  • I miss my traditions (as stupid as they are)….
    • Drinking shiner/blue moon, eating dominos pizza and watching Tyra make a fool of herself is a good example of (stupid) traditions. I used to do this every Friday.

In short, Sarah, a lot of times- I miss the mundane. (silly, right? Grass is always greener!)….


Someone super awesome and anonymous asked:

Do you ever feel lonely at times when traveling? If yes, how do you cope with that in those particular moments?

Sometimes I do. Usually whenever I feel lonely, I go to a hostel/place, introduce myself and ask my typical ice-breaker questions:

  • When was the last time you were in love?
  • How do you celebrate the holiday in December? What do you eat? When do you open gifts?
  • What is your comfort food? (How do you make it?)
  • Do you believe in Dinosaurs? What’s your favorite kind?
  • I collect card games. Do you know any? Will you teach me?
  • Wanna go sing karaoke? Sit in the ocean? Color/doodle? Find a playground?

What are your fears?

  1. Snakes
  2. Clowns
  3. Ebola

I’m also not really keen on driving in the snow anymore. (#obvs).

I used to be scared of commitment— but I’m not so scared of that anymore. (Yay-questionmark?) I have a whole podcast on things I USED to be worried about (the typical stuff that everyone worries about.)


But— I realize those are really generic answers. I’m going to ponder this some more- and potentially do a podcast on it!) :)



Podcast coming soon! PROMISE!

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