I have a friend, Bonnie, who sent me a message saying:

“Hey LN, I can’t sleep, so I decided to read your blog/listen to your podcasts and I have some questions!”

(Ignoring the fact that reading/listening to LN before bed will give you nightmares….)

(Some of her questions were podcast-worthy- which I’ll do someday*).

How do you figure out where to go?

Several ways that have nothing to do with each other:

  • check out my bucket list.
  • See airfare that’s on sale.
  • Look at my FB cover photo and see what isn’t dotted yet.
  • Find a friend who is also going to ______. (or wants to be dragged along)
  • Figure out a skill I want to learn and go to a place that teaches that… Like learning how to properly drink vodka. You can, obviously, only do that on the Tran-Siberian railroad!


Are you still managing the 100-item challenge?

Kinda…. I have a backpack. Whatever fits in that goes with me. I also have caches of stuff all over the states (as a good zombie-apocalypse-planner would!) At my parent’s house, there are several totes. One is filled with prom dresses, scrap-books, harddrives, Fable 3 mug, and other crap I don’t want to part with yet. (Another tote is filled with stupid tax papers….)
I also have a whole tote filled with bottle-caps! 


Favorite place? Least favorite place? Best Memory? Time you were most scared?

How do you avoid homesickness?

      I get homesick at EXACTLY 90-days. I do a few things to counter this:

Voxer, whatsapp, email all help keep in contact with friends. Hearing friend’s voices is SO SO NICE! It’s a blessing, actually and highly under-rated.

I used to be super anxious before I started traveling. Something would go wrong and I would get really overwhelmed and just break down and cry. Or get mad. Or break things. Or all three! AT ONCE!

I took a 3-week trip around Europe where my parents told me that The Whore ran away and was probably dead…. I needed to loose my shit – but! I was staying with family (that I wasn’t really close to) and I didn’t want to be “that girl”… So I went to a cemetery, chose a tombstone, and cried for hours and just got it all out. I plan for these days now. (Sometimes I need them, sometimes I don’t).

Also when I first started traveling, I would journal like a mad-woman and one of my lists was an “iMiss” list. It started out pretty simple:

      1. Electricity
      2. Hot showers
      3. Not having mosquito bites
      4. Brussels Sprouts (yea, don’t ask)

And it later switched to other things– like The Whore, friends, family and cheddar cheese.

When I got back from Africa, it was REALLY AWESOME to see so many races in the grocery store. All talking to each other! No cussing! Treating each other with respect! I hadn’t seen that in a long time. (Think about that for a second…..)

I also miss the freedom of laughing at silly things… Like Fox news calling themselves news. 



*I’m planning on doing a Q/A podcast- so if you have questions, ask away! :) 


  • Whatsapp (+1-83 too- to 83-zero-839)
  • Voxer (LLurie994)
  • Email
  • comment below!


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