Ep30. How to Haggle

This is a shorty, but goodie.

Have you ever wanted to be good at haggling? Are you sick of paying crazy prices just because of the “gringo tax“?

Would you rather have peace of mind and happiness while acquiring really awesome pants??? (or whatever you want)

Listen in!


(These photos are from Thailand, obviously. No where else in the world would you have a giant bird holding an even bigger jar of soy sauce or a weird prickly green man holding a box…. At a mall. as decoration….. I love Thailand for this reason.)


Don’t feel like listening in?
……FINE! but you’re missing out on great bassoon music and hilarious commentary.

FIRST: have a price in mind. Don’t go over this price. Then- proceed to dance. (figuratively).

Step 1) point to something you don’t want. ask for the price. Act insulted. Ask for a different item. ask for the price. act insulted. Ask for the price of your desired product. act insulted.

Step 2) offer half (or less).
start dancing……

step 3) if they don’t bite- screw this. you don’t need it. WALK AWAY!
they will probably chase you.
you will win if this happens.

You’re welcome.

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