ep32. Packing! (part 1 – Don’t Over Pack!)


#Confession: I have stopped listening to other podcasts. I know… I know… I’m confessing this even though this is a link to listen to a podcast. I can hear you now: “BUT! LN! HOW DO YOU EXPECT TO GET BETTER AT MAKING PODCASTS??!?”

#Tangent: I had this problem when I graduated from college- where I had to stop listening to music because all I would do is analyze it. (I-V-vi-iv)… Over and over again.

The same thing happened to me with podcasts. I can hear the script. I can hear the agony of stupid decisions of “Should we pause here? Should we have a bigger music swell here? What will this nuance of ____ convey to the listener? Should we use a different word here that is gooder than that other word?”

And you know what? I really hate all that. I despised the naval gazing. I cringed at the thought: “is this creative enough? Is this conveying the message I want to convey?”

So I stopped.

And I’ve been SO MUCH HAPPIER with what I’ve been creating!

With that said- I don’t want you to stop listening to my podcast 😛 If it’s helpful for you- keep listening! But I’ve changed how I make it. It’s more for me.

It’s *MY* creative outlet.

I don’t have an editor marking my scripts.

After November, I’m going to be switching to Reaper- so I don’t even have to pay for audio software anymore.

I don’t have people in the sidelines saying “eh… but this is how ____ does it! You should, too!”

Fuck that noise.

I’m done being like someone else.

It’s using skills (my useless audio degree) that I don’t get to use while fighting fire.

Oh.. Right… update: I’m a wildland fire fighter/disaster response girl now- and much happier because of it. For once- I have a 5-year plan!

And this summer, during downtime in between fires, I hope to get more chunks of my book done. I kinda need to- because my grandparents aren’t getting younger- and they don’t listen to podcasts, either.

So there ya go. THIS is the reason this podcast has taken so long.

This is the reason it’s in a weird format. This is what I’m doing with my time.

(Transcript of Podcast)


<Bsn music – simple chord progression in B nat.>

I’m currently obsessed with Hamilton the musical

And sometimes it’s usual

To be inspired by something beautiful

And potentially do-able…

So I’ve been going cuckoo

Trying to dream up something new

While I was on a fire-crew

And this may be useable…

I am currently in Grand Rapids, Minnesota

Where I need to fill my quota

Of classes for wild land fire-fighting—

but in truth, it’s kinda really boring.

And the girl in the next dorm packed like she was moving in.

Her bag un-thin,

bulged like double chins,

Looked like she had rubbermaid bins,

All for some classes over 5 days,

At the end of may,

That was given high praise…

She had: 2 rolling bags,

A duvet with the american flag,

A month’s worth of rags,

All wheeled out of her little chevy

To be walked up the stairs…

Man, I bet that was heavy.


I packed accordingly,


And probably quite boringly.

Which I’ll give you my list

At the end of all this.

This is a mini series where my lips will be smacking

And I’ll be racking

My brain to find people to be backing

This podcast about Packing.

But before I continue the verse…

Let’s do this first…..

<Commercial for Mustang Woodcrafters>

Most people over-pack- like the girl in the dorm.

That’s the norm

You have to brainstorm-

what’s easiest for you?

Have more stuff? Or more leg room?

I called my friend Victor- from

And he decided to help me, because he is the bomb,

We talked about the importance and unimportance of stuff

And when to get rid of things- which is really tough.

But he had a good formula which isn’t new

Or a breakthrough,

It’s something that all travelers accrue,

And now I want to share it…. With you.

<tape- Victor- “The policy I have are increments on what to bring. Obviously I have a week- you use an over-night bag. 2-3 weeks I would bring 5 days worth of stuff clothing wise and bare-minimum of stuff. I can fit all that in a check-in bag. That saves hassle at the airport in general. If I go for a month-2 months… it doesn’t make a difference if it’s 1-6 months.. Or a year- you have a couple cycles with your clothes so you get used to wearing the same clothes. You get over because otherwise your bags get really heavy!”>

I use the same formula,

Which is no phenomena,

Doesn’t matter if I’m going to florida

Or utica

To fight fires or play in an orchestra-

But if you insist,

I’ll give you my packing list,

from this past trip.


The things I was wearing:

-Hoodie (yes- I know it’s june… but this is Minnesota).




-Phone, wallet, keys, glasses, etc

Contents of backpack:

5 pairs of underware

5 shirts

Extra pair of pants

Sleeping bag,

Micro fiber towel

Toiletry kit

Med kit (always)

Water bottle

Total weight: 13lbs.

Moral of the story

In all of this glory

Is to think about:

Is this worth hauling out?’

And- That’s all for now, I’m LN Lurie.

What is on your list of things to haul around? Email me at LN.Lurie(at)yahoo(dot)com or write a review on itunes. Also- Find me on social media: or instagram: “WhereisLN”.

Next week, I’ll talk about Consolidation.

Link to additions I’ve made to my backpack
nd some packing lists:

International Packing
First Aid Kit (Uses for Tampons)
Team Rubicon/Wildland Fire packing list
Scuba/Dive packing list
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