Screw you, TSA!

“TSA stands for ‘taking scissors away'” – Leib Lurie

When all of your belongings are in a backpack and you NEVER EVER (WHY WOULD YOU EVER?) use checked-baggage, finding a good travel multi-tool is hard. Especially because the TSA rules are different all over the place.

With that said- I have found the following:

The following are things that are “TSA approved” but aren’t really….

Victorinox Swisscard Lite Pocket Tool, Ruby

(The knife part got stolen from me in LAX).

Leatherman 831488 Style PS Multitool

I’ve had multiple of these. Got stolen¬†in Cairns and London. Even though there is no knife, it’s a “tool” and the rules state “no tools” on the plane. (so many jokes…..)


Stuff that HAS gotten through TSA:

Key Knife



But!¬†Here are 2 things that I’m going to be purchasing soon!

Innocuous Hair Clips

Leatherman Tread
What are your favorite tools that you travel with?

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